Monday, May 28, 2007

Ouch! 2

Having written about my little fall a few days ago I now have another little accident to write about. The other day as Helen was cleaning the old sealant from the windows with a knife she slipped and managed to cut halfway through her index finger. So as I didn't think the bleeding was going to stop with out any help we got into the car top go off to the hospital, As we were about to leave one of the old ladies who lives further up the road was coming up and having seen Helen's finger suggested that we should go to the emergency department in Los Sauces which was a lot closer than the main hospital. So in the car we drove off and arriving at the health center rang the bell and with in 30 Seconds we were in the hospital and Helen was being dealt with. Luckily there wasn't much damage and once the cut was stuck together with steri strips and dosed with iodine we were able to go with instructions to return tomorrow morning. When we did return the following morning I was amazed to see the same staff. They examined Helen's finger and redressed it. Helen has now completed re glazing the window, having stripped it completely and re coated the wood with a waterproofing coating

Friday, May 25, 2007

Permission Required

Over the last couple of weeks as we have been working on the steps we have had several people who live nearby popping up and saying that we shouldn't be doing what we were with the steps and that we should speak to the council. So today with help from our friend sheila we did. And yes we should have spoken to them as it is effectively a public right of way. But the council have no problem with what we are doing but we just need the correct permit. So I have filled in the correct forms and supplied the relevant documentation and we should have the required license to do the work in about 3 weeks. On the other front we have confirmed that in order to do the bathroom and terrace we need to have an architect sign off the plans.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Yesterday I had a little bit of an accident. I was running back up to the car to get the keys and as I put my foot on the edge of the concret ramp that the car is parked on I realised that I had over reached myself and that I had no other way to go but down HARD!. So That's where I ended up sprawled on the step with a very bad pain in my right knee. Thankfully I haven't done a lot on damage but I am going to be stiff for a while.

Where I fell

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

On the high seas

Well today I have recived an email saying that our container has now been shipped and is on its way to Tenerife. I have a date of 25th May when it is due to arrive in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Once it has arrived there it will take a while for it to be unloaded and clear customs. Once that has happened it then needs to be loaded on to a van and driven on to the ferry and over here.

It's a slow day here cold and raining on and off so I'm sitting here in front of the computer sorting out paperwork. I went out yesterday and brought a printer so I can now sort out letters and print them with out having to drive half way round the island.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Another week

Another week gone by and more steps layed. Not much else done this week, a lot of time spent between here and Santa Cruz, The Van is now imported but before it can be registered it has to be inspected at the ITV (not the television channel) and guess what, they have gone on strike.... so now we are stuck.

We also went to see a FREE concert by a local band Taburiente, it was in the open are, the only place you could see a good concert and watch the stars.. Not a bad night.

All in all a slow week.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Sick but not out

I have been rather sick the last few days - a flu bug or some thing else - lot of pain in my kidneys and / or liver.. But it seems to have gone now.
Today was a good day.. Let's see what we have done.
  1. Shuttering for first of the cast concrete steps 95% done
  2. Satellite dish guy ropes done and mounting pole securing improved (its been very windy today, gusting to 53 Km/h).
  3. Scanned all the current known Transponder Frequencies for Astra 2A and 2B. The result of this is that we now have all National BBC radio channels and BBC London.
  4. Replaced the cheep solar power regulator with a new one now should be a lot better (I hope) and this one is 15A instead of the old 4A one.
  5. Theresa got the 12v socket in the bedroom so now we run the satellite receiver off the solar power.
Well it was a good day and now for dinner, sausages spuds and peas, yum yum.