Sunday, September 05, 2010

Getting away…

Some time as much as we love La Palma it’s nice to get a change of scenery from time to time, and we are very fortunate to have a friend who lives in a large house on El Hierro. But I hear you cry; “why just go to another island, there all the same aren’t they?”. Well you’d be surprised all the 7 islands are amazingly different from each other and all have there own special places.

So at the end of a busy summer we took a weeks break in El Hierro. Partly it was a week because the ferry runs direct between La Palma and El Hierro once a week making a week break easier, and this time we decided to take our car as well, so that our friend could get on with her music recording while we went out exploring.

DSCF3487 View of Frontera and El Golfo looking East.


View of Frontera and El Golfo looking West.DSCF3500

Me at the viewpoint from where the photo above was taken.


The statue which sits in the small shrine just by the view point, if you look closely you can see all the money on the floor which is thrown into the chapel.

DSCF3498There are some places on El Hierro which look almost like parts of the north of England, with dry stone walls dividing up the plains.


This lighthouse stands at what was at one time the limit of the know world..