Thursday, May 26, 2011

Block Party

OK, more blocks added to the compost bin, only one slight problem we now have run out of blocks, So I sent a quick SOS to our friends Ann & David and hopefully in a few days we might have some more arrive.


Also our existing compost heap seems to be growing calabazas (Pumpkins) which is good because we will just dig these out and plant them elsewhere in the garden.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Start of compost bins and underpinning

Today we started to make the first of the compost bins, having poured the foundations previously now it was just a matter of laying in the blocks. Just one barrow load of cement just to lay in the first row and a bit.


Then just load of concrete just to slide in under the front of the house where over the years the water flow down the path has excavated a small hole under the foundations of the house, which they thought was on solid rock, but after a while exposed to the weather just disintegrates.


Monday, May 23, 2011

We’ve sprung a leek


As we mentioned in onions, leeks and sweet potatoes, back in February we planted a load of veg, well today we picked one of the leeks for dinner and were surprised that it was over a foot long, and as a bonus it tasted good too.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

A little concrete here and there

Today for the first time in what seems like ages we mixed a little concrete not very much just a couple of loads, but it was enough for a couple of jobs.


The first lot went into the foundations for the compost bins, we are going to build a couple of compost bins about 1m3, made from blocks, these bins are also going the help to support the terrace wall in this area which in the past had a tree growing from it and so is a little unstable. You can see our existing compost heap in the right of the photo.


The other area was to just finish off around the drains which we put in before we laid the patio. This needed doing so we could rearrange some to the pipe work which holds up the vines, so we can later in the year put up the gazebo again.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Who’s put holes in my nice new wall?

I came back from work to day to a shocking sight.. A row of deep black holes in my nice freshly painted wall.


What are all these black holes for?


Ah, it’s OK there are for mounting the shelf brackets.

Yes the holes had been drilled to start mounting the shelves that will run the entire length of one wall of the office, these shelves will hold a lot of our computing books and two racks of storage tubs. This will provide a lot of storage which is one thing that we lack in the house.

So with the shelves done the only thing left to do was to move everything back in, which wasn’t that easy as we had a lot to fit in which took a bit of fiddling to find places for everything, and still leave room to work. It’s not perfect but over the next few years we will change the book shelves and desks as money becomes available, but the office in now functional and open for business. 


Helen’s desk


Theresa’s desk


The book shelves