Thursday, April 08, 2010

In need of support

In order to build the arch between the kitchen and dining room later this year we need to get the two sides made up to about the same point so that the former for the arch will sit level. We did the other side back in January. So we finally got our act  together and sorted out the other side.DSCF3319 So once we had cut the wood it was time to pour the concrete. This didn’t take all that long as the width on this side is not as great as the other side.DSCF3318 when we had poured the concrete all the way up to the top we put in some small lengths of rebar in to connect to the rebar that will go into the arch when we pour it.DSCF3321  After a few days we took of the wood and here you have it another side of the arch complete.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

What´s Behind the Red Door

Finally after 3 months work the solar power huts are now watertight (well mostly, still need to do a bit of rendering) with the fiting of the doors.

These doors are home made out of ply (was suppose to be marine ply but I have my doubts) with air vents at the bottom.

The main problem was the hinges, I wanted nice rustic hinges for the doors that fit on the face, but could not get any that fitted onto the frames as that part was too big so had to cut them down….DSCF3301 which task took quite a bit of sawing with a hacksaw and some black enamel paint to stop them rusting.

The battery huts doors were fitted first about a week ago. and then today we finally fitted the power hut doors. Hurray!!!!!



They seem to look quit good… Now all I have to do is get all the bits inside them…

Here Comes the Summer

In preparation for planting the veg ready for the summer we have cleared the weeds and sorted out the upper terrace. We tend to use this terrace to grow veg for the summer as it is easy access to maintain and water. Once we get the water recycling working we should be able to use the lower terraces more but for now we will use this terrace.


As you can also see we have put a number of poles in to mark out various areas of the garden. These include what will be in the future, raised beds for growing crops in an area of about a meter wide by 2 meters long.