Friday, May 09, 2008

A new window on the Garden

Hi all

Its been a very busy two weeks - two weeks ago we finally got the new windows that are going in the dinning room and kitchen. not grate windows but only just over €100 each so cheep and they are on the back of the house so are not a problem as to looks.
Well the first window to go in replaces the door in the dinning room to the garden, as there were 5 doorways from the dinning room changing one to a window at least results in one wall without a door and a nice view out on the garden.
The first job was to move the current door from the opening in the dinning room to the opening in the Kitchen (manly as the old door had the cat flap and also was mostly glass so there is more light in the kitchen). The problem was that the door was 2cm bigger that the one in the kitchen, but a quick run down with the angle grinder and a few bashes with the hammer and chisel and the door fits great (wooden door frames what wooden door frames its all concrete!!!)
Next the old opening needed to be part bricked up to form the base of the window.... Now the door was about 70cm and the window is 1m so the top had to be opened up a little. For this we got a BIG angle grinder (and still it was not big enough to cut through all the wall only went 1/3 of the way through so again required a lot of hammering (remember that this wall is made of concrete and stones, big stones, some about 30cm in diameter, so it was rather hard work), but finally we had the opening and a new lintel added. After that putting the window in was simple.

The rest of the time has been spent rendering the walls and ceiling of the room, and it does look quite good now. See the before and after photos below.