Sunday, January 09, 2011

Best friends, well not quite


It maybe a rare sight, but it has got to the point where if they are careful not to get to close to each other that you can find the two cats in the same general location.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Just got back from our trip to the UK to discover that we had just missed a registered letter.  When we tracked it down (It had been given to a Dutch couple who know us.) we found out that it was a demand  for unpaid taxes on the house, now when we brought the house we paid taxes, as is required, but it seems that the government thinks that we didn’t pay  enough, so they have done a valuation and are basing the tax on their valuation. Their valuation says that we have underpaid the taxes  buy about €1600. It’s going to be difficult to pay this and still have enough money for the summer and savings. What really makes it worse is that it has taken four years to work this out and they have a cheek to charge us interest on the tax outstanding….