Saturday, February 21, 2009

All Hail Kiki - May She Run For ever

Yes a week and a half ago we finally decided that we could not afford to keep hiring a car and poor old Bertha was not going to get repaired soon, so we took all our reserves out of the Bank and now have a new SMALL car... And here is Kiki, a 1.1 C2. OK She is not good for hauling Building materials, but she does get us from A to B quite cheaply. As the main problem was getting Theresa to all the classes she has to teach she solves that problem quite nicely.
As to the Local Council (Cabildo) paying for the Repairs to Bertha well at the moment that is with the insurance Lawyers and it may take a few months or several years to get that sorted out. In the end I expect that Bertha will soon be meeting a rather nasty end with the local car crusher....
I will not say that things are going well here at the moment, this episode with the car and having to buy a new one has not had a good effect on me or Theresa, we are both feeling down and rather worried about money. Also as we now don't have a van that can carry bloques (breeze blocks), multiple bags of cement or plastic pipe we are going to have to change the way we do things on the house, like having to get things delivered in bulk or hiring a van to go and get things which will cost more...
But we have managed to get some things done, the annual time for pruning the vines is here and is progressing, also I can not access a part of one of the walls that needs finishing as the plants have been pruned down. But apart for that things are going slowly.
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