Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meep is here to stay

Well it looks like Meep is going to be staying around, she has now started to come inside and make her self at home.  We have been running backwards and forwards to the vets with both cats to make sure that they are vaccinated ready for a stay in the cattery over Christmas while we are in the UK. The one problem is that because she is white and when she was little she was outside and not being cared for she has lost the fur on here ears due to sunburn, so every morning we have to catch her and apply the factor 50.


Tabby and Meep, Tabby tolerates Meep a little but only if she stays a set distance away.


Meep discovers how to climb up into the vines.


Once she has the hang of it there is no stopping her.


And doesn’t she look good against the clear blue sky.


OK here she thinks she is a parrot but oh well!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Adding a bit of colour

OK now that Helen has finished off the rendering of the hiding the brickwork it’s time for me to splash a bit of paint over the top.


Now it may look like it’s easy with the roller on the long poll, but I can tell you it’s murder on the arms. Also on closer examination the roller doesn’t seem to get the paint into all the little pits that these walls are full of. So it may need another coat at some time.


There starting to look good, though in this picture the colour is a little washed out.


There a different angle shows the colour a bit better.


So that is the back wall of the house painted, only 3 more to go.

There´s a Hole in my Roof… Somewhere

When it rains hard the old kitchen roof leeks. But I am not sure where the hole or crack is, so it is time to do some remedial work on it.

The first job was to clean off all the old paint, there was not much of it, and any lose cement etc. Once that was done I put down some new mortar to fill in the holes.

Back of kitchen roof howing new patching Patching and cleaning done. Back of kitchen roof.

Patching of kitching roof, next to main roof And the other side.

Once this is dry I will wash it over with a cement and water mix to seal all the small cracks. Then after a week or so it can be painted.