Thursday, March 27, 2008

We have our Bag...

Well our bag did finally arrived at Sheila's and we have it back with all the bits that were in it. Apart from that we have done nothing this week, it has been raining everyday since we got back and I have been working on the Ruido FanZine Layout most of the time, but that should be all done with by Monday and I hope that the weather will be better next week. We plan to order the new windows for the Dinning hall and Kitchen tomorrow, nothing special just the cheapest we can get.
If the weather improves I need to drill some holes in the roof for all the solar power feeds and lay a concrete base for the battery housing, its only been waiting to do it for 6 months, just haven't been able to get round to it with all the work on the bypass.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Back in La Palma

We are back in La Palma after having spent a week in the UK.

I'm sorry to anyone that we didn't get round to seeing but it's very hard to cram everything into one week.

Both trips were a little problematic due to delays and problems checking in due to the fact that although the flights are all sold as Iberia some of them are provided by BA which means you can't get your boarding passed till you get to the airport and when your first flight is delayed this means you have to run from one end of Madrid Airport to the other in order to get the flight. We made it with minutes to spare, and as we sat on the plane we saw one of our bags turn up and be loaded on the plane. However when we got to Tenerife we found out that it hadn't and we only had one bag. So we asked and they said it had already gone to La Palma via Seville. So we checked in for La Palma and when we got there and spoke to the Iberia rep he was very rude and treated me like a idiot, anyway he said I had to speak to the Binter Canarias office. So I did and they were much better. They knew my bag was still in Madrid and they would try and get it to me tomorrow.

They phoned this morning and the bag should be delivered to Sheila's house either today or tomorrow morning.

Off to go and pick up Tabby later from the Vet, Couldn't pick her up yesterday as the Vet's was closed on Good Friday so we stayed overnight at Sheila's

Friday, March 07, 2008

Ouch That's gotta Hurt

As I am writing this Helen is in bed resting.

This is due to the fact that Wednesday morning while she was doing some tidying up in the garden, she was walking backwards with the wheelbarrow and thinking about other things, and didn't realize that there was a pile of rocks on the ground behind her.

So over she went, unfortunately behind her was a 1.5M drop to the terrace below, with more rocks and other rubbish down there. She managed to get up and back into the house where it appeared that nothing was obviously broken.

How ever when I got home the pain in her side midway under her arm was worrying me so we went to the health center in Barlovento where the doctor examined her and decided that she best go to the Hospital for and x-ray just to make sure she hadn't cracked a rib.

So off the the Hospital above Santa Cruz, and thankfully all here ribs were intact just badly bruised, so Helen has to rest and take it easy for a week or so.