Monday, October 01, 2012

Oven Ready

About two weeks ago we thought we were about to have a momentous moment, the kitchen wiring was all done, and all that we had to do was install the oven that we had purchased about a year after we arrived.DSCF4195 So we unwrapped the oven connected a plug an turned it on. so far so good. We started to run the oven for an hour as the instructions stated, but after 5 minutes it blew the leakage trip. We investigated and discovered that the insulation on the top element was failing. Running the oven with the element disconnected seemed to fix it, but after leaving it to stand overnight, the problem returned.
So after a bit of hunting on the web I was able to find the local service dealers and a few weeks and 40€ later we had a new element. DSCF4198 This was soon fitted and now the oven is installed and functioning perfectly. Now I can by a chicken without worrying if it will fit.


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