Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Doors

One thing we wanted to complete before the winter rains came was the back or kitchen door, this not only needed stripping of paint, but also all the glass had to be taken out and refitted using new bits of wood that we had cut and prepared. So with all that done Helen began the tricky task of refitting all the glass, one slip and the glass could smash and we didn’t have any spare.


Also the panels at the lower half of the door were badly damaged so we used some flat panels of wood to cover them on the inside.

DSCF4199 Also at this point a new lock and handle we fitted, so the door can be locked with a key instead of the bolts that it had before.

 DSCF4203 On the outside of the door we fitted a strip to push the water off the step and rebuilt the hole and fitted a completely new cat flap.


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